• My Photo Equipment:

    • camera


      Since the first series of LUMIX G series I am using the LUMIX cameras with MFT sensor. This concept has beside some disadvantages a lot of advantages.
      Now the G Series represents for some technical aspects the leading-edge of the camera market. In a ranking of profi cameras of FOTOPROFI the G9 becomes the title of the cheapest profi camera. I must say I am very satisfied with the system. Colors are naturally. The camera focus is very quick. The stabilizer facilities are without comparison. The video quality is known as one of the best you can get. With the GH5 even cinematic work is possible. Last but not least the wight of the camera and the lens equipment is due to the MFT technic very low.

      To get the best quality out of my photos I bought the Leica SL2. On my blog pages you will find detail description of all features the camera offers and my test results. 

    • objectives


      The objectives I am using are all manufactured by LUMIX/ LEICA and are all zoom objectives. Without negative influence they cover a wide focusing range.
      My most used objektive is the LUMIX H HSA12035. The MFT focusing range 12 to 35 covers a full sonsor range of 24 - 70 mm. With the aperture 2.8 to 22 the objective has a very high light transmission. Another objective often used by me has the range of 35 to 70 mm with the same light transmission rate.
      The 45 - 175 mm Teleobjectiv I use has the advantage that the focus range can be moved by motor. The video slides using focus changes during slide recording are showing very smooth focus adaptions.
      All objectives are equipped with the OIS stabilizer features. Together with the stabilizer features of the G9 freehand teleobjective photos with a range of 400 mm delivers sharp pictures.

    • drone


      DJI is the market leader for photo drones and and other photografical equipment. I fly with a Mavic Pro 2. The drone is very compact and can accompany me in nearly any situation. To fly the drone is very easy and needs to start minor practice. The stability in the air is the best I ever have seen. Even with wind force 5 the drone stays on place.
      The photography and video facilities are impressive. The Mavic 2 has a hasselblad camera with a full size sensor. The camera delivers 5K videos and 20 MPix photos in DNG and JPEG quality. Photos are very brillant, the three panaroma images on top of the page are coming from the drone. The video quality is very good. Most of video cut programs can not deal with the quality. For video processing I am using the H265 video format. In the post production the videos will be tuned with LAT tables.
      And at the end of the day pressing the home botton on DJI flight controller will land the drone just in front of me.
      I am using the DJI smart flight controller. In sunny conditions the control screen is very bright. I can control the results quite good.

    • Additinal Equipment


      The most important photo accessory is normaly the tripod and the flash. I am using three tripods. First of all an aluminium tripod from DÖRR with a very compact packing size and not very heavy. Second a very small noname aluminium tripod up to 75cm. I often use this tripod for recording environment noises with my TASCAM recorder. The third tripod is a hiking stick. Removing the grip, I can use the stick as one feed tripod. As mentioned before I am using a TASCAM recorder. With the device I am recording my commentaries and the environment noises. The reording quality of the G9 is not bad, but the recording with the TASCAM is even better.
      As flashlight the METZ 58 AF 1 does the work. The TTL flash is without discussion a very good one. Even an indirect flash with additional filters can be done.
      In addition I can use a METZ maclight LED lamp. You can see the lamp on the right side of the equipment image. The regulation of the light color and light intensity is possible. For the picture I used 3300 Kelvin with 5 per cent max light capacity. On the front you will detect the diffused light filter.
      The GARMIN GPSmap 60CSx is the device to record my geo data.